Essay on Living in Slums: Living Conditions in Africa

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The infrastructures are frequently self- built from wood, cardboard, plastic, waste roofs and brick. Most of them are without windows, doorways, adequate ventilation, and are often small living spaces that are shared with one or two other household families. The floors are made of earth. These places are not livable for human beings nevertheless, slum dwellers have no other alternative. Slums are a severe failure because they lack infrastructural conditions that affect slum dwellers physically, socially and emotionally. Some solutions including demolition and upgrading have been practiced but often failed, because they don’t include the existing community. If one solves the housing conditions, then it’s no longer a slum.
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Slums repeatedly do not meet the building regulation requirements. Due to inadequate living conditions slum dwellers are more exposed to deadly diseases caused by the water that is contaminated or dirty. According to Govender Thashlin et al, professors of health science, reported in the article “Contribution of Water Pollution from Inadequate Sanitation and Housing Quality to Diarrheal Disease In Low-Cost Housing Settlements Of Cape Town, South Africa” that not having access to clean water brings diseases like diarrhea, fecal and other infections; “Diarrheal diseases are an important cause of morbidity and mortality in low- and middle-income countries. In these countries, such diseases kill an estimated 4.9 of every 1000 children younger than 5 years and are the third most frequent cause of death and the third greatest contributor to the burden of disease in this age group, constituting 8.8% of all disability adjusted life years”. This shows that children are affected the majority of the time and that are more likely to die as a consequence of not having access to clean water. Furthermore, in the article” “Belgrade slums - life or survival on the margins of Serbian society?” by Dejan Šabić et al observe the two major reasons for health problems among the inhabitants

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