Essay on Liberalism

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Chomsky is one of the most astute and notorious outspoken critic of liberal democracy that is promoted by the guardians of the world order or simply the western world. He especially direct his criticisms towards the United States and the United Kingdom who seek to establish democracy all over the world in order to have some sort of control over the people either for political or material reasons . Hence Chomsky sees this campaign to establish democracy as a tool of oppression instead of a means of emancipation.

Following the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union many have argued that ‘western liberal democracy’ is the best form of government and ideally suited to the modern world. Some even claim that it is the
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On the other hand others would argue that only liberal democracy could guarantee the individual liberties of its citizens and prevent the development into dictatorship.

In the western countries where the wealthier section of the population are numerically over-represented in executive and legislative bodies, and source of inequality, such as “inherited wealth, private profit from land and profit capital” which owe more to “imperfect markets than entrepreneurial skill.” However this imperfect ideology of democracy does not stop the western world wanting to spread it in order to exploit poorer countries where the call for democracy is so overwhelming. As a result of this Chomsky’s criticisms of the guardian of the world seems to be echoed by many nationalist politicians in the Third World who have experienced foreign exploitation. Thus they request not just a set of rules to govern political competition, but also a means of achieving greater social and economic equality. To them, liberal democracy may offer an inadequate solution to their perceived injustices.

Therefore, the western world by this meaning the United States see the

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