Leaders as Motivators Essay

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(7) Leaders as motivators

Envision your style of leadership and what type of leadership styles do you have? How do you think you developed your leadership style? How often do you evaluate your leadership style? How do others perceive you as a leader and your leadership style? What has equipped you for the position you are in? What motivating skills do you possess?

This portion of the handbook deals with leaders as motivators so knowing your leadership style could help you to identify your abilities of being a good motivator. Managers are charged with the responsibilities of directing, supervising, and training in every aspect of the working environment. Whether your style is task related or relationship oriented, the task of
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Also, your employees will be more inclined to being motivated when you give as much detail as you possibly can, concerning the task. This helps to level the playing field to place the employees on the same level of knowing everything.

7.3 Building Confidence

You can develop confidence by allowing the employees beliefs and ideas to be added in the building of the task. Allowing them to add their beliefs and ideas will connect them to the task. Be open-minded, visible, and communicate effectively while allowing feedback. Provide frequent encouragement and a feeling of sufficiency. However, gain knowledge of the different cultures and develop ways to bridge the cultural differences within the workplace.

7.4 Assigning the Project Team

Knowing your employees will help when assigning the task. There is a fundamental challenge of identify each employee’s skill level. Never give an employee a task in which they do not possess the skills to complete the task. Value in the task can be gained by placing people in areas where they bring the required skills necessary to complete the task otherwise you will minimize effectiveness. Each person assigned in the task, are stakeholders who will be involved to completion.

[Note: When an employee feels they are not adding value to the task they tend to be reserved and/or displeased with their own performance]

7.5 Training the Employee

Provide coaching to

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