Theories Of Self Actualization

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Waking Up: Realizing Your Full Potential The Theory of Motivation has been around since 1943 but the idea of self-actualization has always been around. There are many different names used by different cultures to refer to self-actualization. For example the phrase “finding yourself” can be defined as to “accept and make use of one’s personality, abilities, and situation”. (To Find Yourself, retrieved November 18, 2008). This is similar to the definition of self-actualization. Sounds very simple but do people really reach self-actualization? Do they really find themselves? What exactly is self-actualization? There are many factors that have a positive or negative influence on this process being either intrinsic or extrinsic. The Theory of …show more content…
The biggest external factor a person will deal with is their environment. If a person in poverty is living pay check to pay check and they do not like their job, they will not quit in fear of the consequences of not receiving that check. Peer pressure is a very good example of a bad external factor. When on a journey to self-actualization being yourself is one of the main key points, but a lot of people are afraid to be themselves in fear of being bullied, or different. They live in fear of not fitting in. This creates an external motivation to fit in a belong and if a person isn 't careful they can become stuck in this cycle. Another example of this is school. All throughout school kids are bullied for not having the newest or in style shoes and clothes. This can motivate a person to focus on the new fads versus being them self. More focused on being cool versus making good grades. If bullying persist a person can develop low self-esteem and develop and inferiority complex which can affect someones Intrinsic motives. Bad extrinsic motives like this can affect a persons whole life and cause them to stop somewhere in the middle of the hierarchy of needs. There are also bad Intrinsic motivation but usually they have something to do with a mental disorder.For an example someone can simply just not want to function with the rest of the world because they want to do what they want to do. This can be a bad intrinsic motive because despite what you believe as a person, you still have to interact with the rest of the world. Another example is a person who truly enjoys hurting others whether it is psychological or physically. A person can become so tied up with an unhealthy intrinsic values that they begin to take over their life. For an example someone who badly wants to be loved by someone else and will literally do anything for their love. Individuals will put up

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