Notes From The Underground Analysis

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The Existence of Happiness

Happiness is a hard thing to come by these days. Everyone seems to be worrying about what they’re doing wrong instead of appreciating the right. For some it’s their job, and for others it’s the way that they present themselves to their peers. In the novel Notes From the Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, he says “Man only likes to count his troubles: he doesn’t calculate his happiness.” I agree with what Dostoyevsky is saying. We are all different people with different phenomena intruding our daily lives but when you sit down and think about it for a second, no one seems to be completely happy. It is because they worry too much about the negatives with their lives.

We all admit that we desire happiness. The success of living a long and successful life is taught to us from a very young age and has basically been imbedded in our brains that it is the goal of being alive. As humans we try and gain success as much as we can but it seems that in the society we live in, people that should be happy with the way that there living, simply aren’t. We seem to look at for the negative in any way possible but the
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We need to be able to take risks to achieve the contentment we desire. We need to be able to push the negative energy that we have aside and make a choice. Sometimes these choices need to be well thought out but other times they need to be spontaneous in a way to give us a rush of excitement, like the feeling of riding a roller coaster. The feeling of success after a spontaneous act is like no other. It’s a feeling of happiness that can only be explained through action rather than words. When feelings like this occur, we feel invincible. We feel as if we can do anything. Like we can concur the world. All negative energy seems to disappear into thin air. Almost like it doesn’t exist anymore. We feel free. We feel the sensation that we long for. True

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