What Is Motivation?

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Motivation, I feel like that is a key point in life in order to succeed. I know one good feature I possess is that I am a very motivated individual. I strive and always want better and more. Just sometimes I can be so motivated that I bite too much then I can eat. I always end up with a too much things to do on my plate, But YAY to motivation! But, no more silly business. I work at a public school for the after school care program. I have my own class I teach first grade. I have to do homework with all the kids and give my individual attention to each of them. I have this on student her name is Sarah. Sarah is an extraordinary student with an amazing heart, but she is shy and a bit of an oddball when it comes to how the other student see her. She is very skinny and very tired most of the times she’s actually in after school care. The other day I was sitting down trying to teach her something on her homework packet and she just could not pay concentrate she kept dazing off …show more content…
Sarah ties hand in hand with This because most of the time the poor girl doesn’t even get the right amount of sleep or is usually very hungry. She does not meet her physiological needs and that worries me. I really learned from Sarah how if you go skipping needs you will not get very far. Without something as simple as enough meals in a day or enough sleep you will not be able to go to school and actually be able to concentrate and pass. It is crazy when you see how neglecting a child can affect their lives greatly. That includes all aspects of like from Sarah’s social skills to her studies. She does not care about playing or being with other children because of how tired she is half of the time she prefers taking naps during recess. Her lack of needs drives her to seek homeostasis constantly no matter what she’s doing or where she

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