King Midas and His Golden Touch on Contemporary Society Essay

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Many believe that many pursuits of contemporary society, particularly our desire to accumulate wealth and the unintended consequences of these desires are modern day inventions. The Greek myth King Midas and the Golden Touch demonstrate that these desires along with their unintended consequences have existed for many centuries.
The myth King Midas and the Golden Touch reveals that in ancient Greek culture, the wealthy were preoccupied with becoming richer. King Midas and the Golden Touch is a good lesson for today. The story shows very powerfully what happens when people loose focus on what is truly important. King Midas lived in ancient Greek culture, yet he was a reflection on our modern day society.

The Greek
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Ancient Greek culture has been considered one of the most influential cultures ever to exist. It's beliefs, values, and ways of life have been passed on over many centuries and become part of many other cultures, including ours.* Greek culture supplied the United States with the democratic form of government. This is shown by the laws that we have and by the way our Constitution is set up. Ancient Greeks created the myth King Midas and the Golden Touch, to ensure power upon the Greek government, the Greek government used the myth much like we use commercials and public service announcements, to put an image into their citizens about the wrong of certain behaviors, in this case greed.

Ancient Greeks were mainly controlled by their culture. This meant that the government controlled them because the government created and changed the culture (Hamilton, 278). The myth King Midas and the Golden Touch gives some ideas into what many Greeks thought was important, besides their culture. Because the entire myth was about becoming rich, it is evident that many Greeks felt very strongly about money. It is obvious that the United States government doesn't control modern day culture because there are many different and diverse cultures that exist here.* But, by living in America, most people are succumbed to realize that by living the American Dream, they must have money to maintain it. But, many people can become carried away with the idea of becoming

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