Essay on Justice is Served in Antigone by Sophocles

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In the play Antigone, Sophocles writing can be very controversial. He explains different perspectives of justice through the fates of the characters in the play. Creon and Antigone both would claim to have the law and Gods on their sides. They bring acceptable evidence for their reasoning to be true for their thought of the right way to carry out justice. Creon is certain that his ability to be king will justify leaving Polynices unburied. On the other hand Antigone sees justice as the ability to bury her brother. Conflict explodes with their inability to compromise over what is the definition of justice. Justice has a different role to play in any individual’s life because gender differs from man to women and society sometimes looks down …show more content…
Santirocco, author of “Justice in Sophocles’ Antigone,” states, “ [Antigone and Creon are a lot alike] both are isolated, both are stubborn, both respond to others, including those who love them, in the same imperious way, and both doom themself and others by their actions. The greatest similarity, though, lies in their pursuit of justice” (186). Antigone knows from the beginning what her morals are, which are steering her actions. She felt she was on the side of justice for what she did, and leaving her brother out to rot in her eyes was unjust. Antigone knew the punishment that lied ahead, but because her love and relationship with her brother was strong she was unconcerned of the consequence. Just like Antigone for many people justice plays a huge role in their family’s lives. Therefore, she is not ashamed to stand up for what she knows is right and believes whole heartedly that justice is giving her brother a proper place for burial. Since she feels so strongly about what she needs to do she is able to put all her effort into the matter and make justice a reality. Antigone plays a significant role in how justice is brought to her, which is not stereotypically of females lead. In Ancient Greece, women’s freedom was very limited and always being monitored by the males who lived in Greece. The women had to have their husbands’ permission before leaving their home, an

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