Judith Butler’s Trouble in Gender Essay

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My mother gave me my name in hope that the dreamy embers I began with would ignite into a roaring fire. A powerful fire that she could stand back and admire; a fire she helped build and that she hoped would never falter. She wished for me to be an individual and hoped that I would explore every avenue that might give me that spark we all so desperately seek to fulfill our lives. However, society has given me boundaries. They have passed down an unwritten, prescribed set of rules. They have informed me that I am a girl, consisting of female traits and feminine tendencies. I have been given the female version of the script and I am expected to follow it to a tee if I want to stay in the play. Imagine if you will...”You there! Take this …show more content…
She sees gender as an elaborate fabrication that needs to be undone and redefined.
Society has prescribed two sets of gender roles and has called one Female and the other Male. According to the World English Dictionary, the term prescription is defined in a number of ways. Firstly, it is a direction, usually written by the physician to the pharmacist for the preparation and use of medicine or remedy. This usage is mainly used in medicine but I wish to apply it partially philosophically to aide my thought process. A prescription is something that is set out for you. It is directed clearly usually by writing but in a larger sense in can be unwritten as well. The note or direction is passed along which parallels the way in which tradition is able to continue. It is a cure or a remedy from an ailment; and that ailment has the potential to take over you and maybe turn you into something one might not recognize. In addition, there are numerous types of medicine for many various complaints. Everyone is diverse and requires different treatments, dosages, etc. However, we can ultimately choose what to do with our prescribed set of rules. The choice is very much our own. Therefore, we can choose to take the pills, throw them out, follow only half the instructions, or read them at all. It is up to us to understand the instructions ourselves so when we go home we aren’t completely lost. Nonetheless, in truth, everyone reads and

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