Job Designs in Service and Manufacturing Organizations Essay example

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1. This module’s reading and lecture material has described job designs in various service and manufacturing organizations. In which type of organization is job enrichment likely to be more effective as a strategy for increasing motivation and performance? Explain.
I believe manufacturing organizations would benefit the most from the use of job enrichment strategies to increase motivation and performance. Manufacturing jobs can be comprised of low level tasks that are repetitive, monotonous and unfulfilling due to the lack of challenge. The individuals performing these jobs can also find dissatisfaction in the lack of ability to choose when and how to perform their tasks. The manufacturing industry tends to be hierarchical in structure
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It attempts to enhance the employee’s responsibilities and autonomy by emphasizing achievement and creativity. (Thomas, R. 1990)

2. What do you think of companies such as Motorola and Hewlett‐Packard that establish job design policies to help employees balance their work and life commitments? Do you think such policies will help these firms attract and retain more employees? Explain.
I personally believe having flexible and non-traditional job design policies are very beneficial for employees. To have the ability to accomplish your work when you are at your best, in a surrounding that encourages effectiveness or to accommodate the many other factors we need to juggle on a daily basis shows trust, creates autonomy and enhances satisfaction of the individual.
If you have defined the role and responsibilities of the individual and have tools to measure the success of obtaining these goals, there should not be constraints on how and where the individual accomplishes those objectives. While flexible work accommodations do not work for everyone and can be abused by those who are not self motivators, if expectations are explicit, management can use tools such as communication, feedback, and metrics to ensure the employee is performing adequately. The job design of the organization defines clear roles and responsibilities and determines decision making processes. This initiates confidence in actions in the best interest of the business, and

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