James Cook - Great European Explorer Essay

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Did you know one European found five different islands? The islands are New Zealand, New Guinea, Hawaii, Tahiti, and Australia. His name is James Cook. He was a great explorer from Europe.

James Cook was born on October 27, 1728 in Yorkshire, England. James Cook and his father share the same name James Cooks’ mother’s name is Grace Pace prior to marriage. His siblings are John, Christina, Mary, Jane, Mary (2), Margaret, and William. James Cook married Elizabeth Cook they had six children they are James, Nathaniel, Elizabeth, George, and Hugh.

James Cook’s father took him to sailing school to get education about ship sailing .Which inspired him to start a ship sailing career .The main accomplishments of his career were the
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He first names’ the area South Wales, but later changes it to New South Wales. He then charted the Eastern coastline of Australia and continues New Guinea and Java. Cooks father later moves to Redcar to live with his married daughter, now Margaret Fleck.

Voyage two. The Whitby built HMS Resolution is Cook’s chosen vessel for his second voyage of discovery on which he is accompanied by the “A dventure” ship. Which was built by Whitby as well . Cook was now a captain and was tasked to map out the great Southern Continent, which is believed to lie in the warmer regions of the Southern Ocean. Cook and “Resolution” crossed the Antarctic circle for the first time in history, a feat accomplished two more times
. During the last trip into the Antarctic circle Cook reaches the 71 10 degrees, sailing further south than any other captain, proving that an inhabitable Great Southern Continent does not exist. The Antarctic circle was not crossed was not crossed again for nearly half a century. Voyage three. Cook’s third voyage of discovery was to be his last. He sets sail on his promotion as Post Captain, with “Resolution” and “Discovery”, the latter not joining up until 1st of August. Objectives of the voyage were further exploration of the Pacific and to investigate the presence of an exit from the Northwest Passage. The expedition visits New Zealand, Tonga, Tahiti, and Christmas Island. Cook discovers

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