Is it Anxiety a Fact or Fear? Essay

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Anxiety affects over 40 million people in this world right now and two thirds of the people suffering will never receive treatment. Anxiety is considered the most common mental illness in America today. Anxiety is a cluster of mental disorders that can affect anyone, no matter age, height, weight, sex, or race. However, certain combinations of these can put one at more risk. These disorders can be extremely impairing and can also affect relationships as well as social life and work opportunities. Many people who have this disease are unaware of their illness and if it goes untreated for too long, it can advance into a more severe case, making it harder to treat. It not only affects the person suffering, it also affects their family …show more content…
This further collapses the relationship. Anxiety development varies; oftentimes the development will be slow but every so often, sudden symptoms will appear, these indicate a more severe and complex type of disorder. Usually, the development will be progressive over a long period of time; it can take many years for symptoms to peak. There are six major types of anxiety disorders; they all have varying causes and a vast array of symptoms however they all share one common characteristic. The primary characteristic of anxiety disorders is the burden of being constantly worried or having irrational fears. The first type of anxiety disorder is Generalized Anxiety Disorder also known as GAD. GAD obstructs a person’s ability to think, work, or focus on the important things in their life. GAD causes worries of relationship, financial, health, work, and even weather related uncertainties which can negatively impact how a person lives. Another form of anxiety is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or (PTSD), which is mainly caused by disturbing experiences witnessed by a person, resulting in this type of anxiety. People who have PTSD are most likely victims of physical abuse or assault, veterans who have served in war or people who have witnessed devastating events such as natural disasters. PTSD leads people to avoid certain objects or situations that would bring memories

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