Is Homeschooling a Better Choice? Essay

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Is Homeschooling a Better Choice?

He is up with the sun, ready to go. He waits patiently for his brothers and sisters, but today is the first day of school and he is eager to start on his studies. All of the children are assembled in the front foyer as the big, yellow school bus zooms past their house. None of the children seem to notice. Instead, the group of eager students proceeds into their "schoolroom" to greet their teacher, also known as "Mom."

Even as early as the turn of the century, children were often taught at home by their parents. Most often, this was because of the need of help on the family farm, location, or the lack of money. The description above, however, is one of a modern family. Home schooling is the fastest
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There are very few cases of ADD among homeschooled children. (Blumenfeld 2) Often times, people’s religion makes them want to home educate their children. Many times, the families want good and moral values impressioned on their child, and they know teaching the Golden Rule as the basis of all studies is a good start. (Dobson 235-236) Parents shouldn’t try to isolate their children from other races or religions, or try to "protect" them from other races or religions. It was Jesus who reached out to those not of his race or religion. It is a very excellent idea to homeschool with religious background, but parents should try to reach out to those of difference and teach them.

Elementary aged children are not the only ones who may be homeschooled. High schoolers benefit a great deal. Some parents may want to take their kids out of public school just before they would start high school, afraid of the violence and peer pressure. Some teenagers will object. Homeschooling starts with parenting. Public schools don’t parent, and they are getting to the point where they really aren’t teaching that much anymore. The academics are not as much demanding, meaning graduating with a "B" average doesn’t mean as much as it used to. Unlike most high school curriculums, homeschooling provides a wide range of opportunities to study, seeing as this is the time most students begin to discover who they "are." If the highschoolers have been homeschooled before, this would

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