Intellectually Disabled People Essay

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“Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish.” (Einstein). Developmental disability, better known as intellectual disability, or mental retardation is a disorder that causes individuals to preform at below average levels (“Intellectual”). This disorder is characterized by continued infant-like behavior, decreased learning ability, failure to meet the markers of intellectual development, inability to meet educational demands, and a lack of curiosity (“Intellectual”). Some people with intellectual disabilities are able to live normal lives, while others may require assistance. Most people with intellectual disabilities have the same capacity to preform the same task as those without intellectual disabilities. Twice a year …show more content…
The President of the United States, Bill Clinton, and First Lady, Hillary Clinton, hosted “A Very Special Christmas from Washington D.C. in 1998 (“History Special”). This was the first Special Olympics event hosted at the White House (“History Special”). Following this in 2001 the Special Olympics created and distributed “So Get Into It” kits for students with and without disabilities world wide at no cost (“History Special”). They taught young people about intellectual disabilities while encouraging them to “be the difference” and taught the values of inclusion, acceptance, and respect (“History Special”). In 2004 President George W. Bush signed the “Special Olympics Sports and Empowerment Act”, this act gave fifteen million dollars every year for five years, the money went to initiatives that encourage respect and understanding for people with intellectual disabilities (“History Special”). The Special Olympics is really that, special, it shows that just because someone is different that doesn’t mean they can’t participate in sports, or anything for that matter. In 1950 little was known about the condition of people with intellectual disability, which at the time was referred to as mental retardation, so a small group of parents and other concerned individuals, came together to act as a voice for change (“History

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