Installing Additional RAM In a Desktop Computer Essay

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Owning a desktop PC can be a rewarding experience that is long-lasting. Many PC users do not know how to perform their own hardware upgrades and repairs. Users can increase the lifespan and performance of their desktop PC with simple hardware upgrades. It requires a small amount of knowledge to be capable of upgrading many of the key components inside of a computer. A large portion of users are scared of opening a PC to perform a repair or upgrade. Computer upgrades are usually very simple, and there is very little to be scared of. Research and knowledge are the keys to any PC upgrade or repair. Some safety measures must be followed, but most PC upgrades are little more complex than plugging a household appliance into the wall. Hardware …show more content…
The tools needed are information on the particular PC, a phillips-head screw-driver, RAM sticks, and an ESD wrist strap. The acronym ESD stands for electro static discharge, and the wrist straps are used for prevention against shocking the motherboard with an electro static discharge. They are also known as anti-static wrist bands. Using the wrist strap is a must, and its importance cannot be stressed enough. If an electro static discharge occurs it will break the computer and it will need to be replaced. Wrist straps can be purchased at Best Buy, Office Max, online, or at any electronics store. Do not perform any PC hardware installation or repair without an ESD wrist strap!
First and foremost, information must be gathered. Detailed information about the specific hardware in question is ideally obtained before performing the repair or upgrade. The user must do some research on the PC they own in order to correctly perform a hardware upgrade. Refer to the manual to the computer for important information. If the manual to the PC is not available, use a web search to obtain the information. The sticker on the side or front of the system unit can be considered documentation in many cases, and may provide all of the information needed. Before purchasing additional RAM, the maximum amount of RAM the PC can handle needs to be determined.
It is time to open the PC

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