Essay on Information Sharing to Prevent Attacks to the US

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Over the past twelve years, the intelligence community has become the most valuable entity following the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and garnered significant support from the Bush and Obama administrations. The intelligence community has not been able to successfully share information dating back to 1941 when ambassador Grew delivered critical information, pertaining to Pearl Harbor, to the White House and political and military leaders overlooked it.1 Events such as this make leaders look back and wonder what would the outcome be if the information had reached its final destination. Intelligence is key to successfully countering or disrupting activities conducted by our adversaries. Because the intelligence community continues to …show more content…
Meanwhile, distributing intelligence products could ultimately hinder ongoing collection or investigations and could lead to a “burned” target. For example, if the FBI discovered a Russian spy working in a federal position for the US government it would want to keep the CIA in the dark to continue its criminal investigation while sidelining the CIA from demanding a position in the investigation and ultimately debunking the FBI in seeking prosecution.2 Federal agencies will continue to protect the information collected under its umbrella to ensure it remains autonomous and relevant which encompasses protecting its overall objectives based on its design for the federal government. Information sharing between federal agencies and state/local law enforcement continues to be hindered due to differing missions and intelligence classification on intelligence data. Federal agencies all have different requirements of focus such as the CIA maintains collection on international threats, FBI focuses on domestic threats, and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) who assist domestically and internationally to assist the military warfighter. For example, being that the CIA is focused on international intelligence collection, sharing intelligence information pertaining to domestic attacks with local law enforcement could result in the information being provided to a federal judge for

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