Essay on Individuals with Disabilities Act

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Individuals with Disabilities Act

Everyone says, "We need to help the schools more, it's all about the students." An act was created in 1975, to help those students who were disabled. This law has been criticized by many administrators and teachers. Over the years, because of these criticisms it has been revised and expanded throughout different schools. Higher education figures, such as principles, need to look closely at this act. They're have been cases in schools that have discriminated against this law. People who do or do not have a disability should know about this law and what it exactly means. This law has various amounts of positive key aspects concerning it. Some think its fair, and some do not. Education is suppose to help
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With these new services students can facilitate good working habits and become successful in their education career. This does not only mean the school itself needs improvements, the teaching staff as well needs to be certified to help these disabled students. "The students are under the IDEA act so they're provided with the same equal education and protected from discrimination." (Vogel and Reder) Schools need to have teachers that have been taught how to teach these type of students.

They need patience, the will to work with these kids, and not to have a biased opinion for any child. This law is very important to children who are suffering from being disabled and parents who have to see their children like this. “We need to ensure that all children with disabilities have available to them a free appropriate public education that emphasizes special education and related services designed to meet their unique needs and prepare them for employment and independent living . . . ." (Wrightslaw)

They are are many key positive aspects to this law that people should be aware of.

The ultimate goal of this act is to ensure all disabled children transition through school without any problems. This law proposes if your child is under it, schooling for the child will be good. School officials are being funded more money for its special education department. The government want to make these children feel as comfortable in the school environment

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