Essay about Importance of Male Relationships in Homer's Iliad

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Importance of Male Relationships in Homer's Iliad

The most significant relationship in Homer's Iliad is the friendship between Achilles and Patroclus. Other male relationships play major roles in the epic and can be directly related to that of Achilles and Patroclus. The brotherhood of Agamemnon and Menelaos, and of Hector and Paris demonstrate their loyalty. They fight because of love for each other throughout the war. Achilles, however, is not driven to fight or even bother with the war until his friendship with Patroclus is broken. It is in this illustration, the poet shows the importance of friendship and brotherhood. Achilles only becomes the great warrior and leader he is fated to be in the act of friendship.
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Well, the Trojans are all cowards or you would have had a coat of stone long ago for the evil you have done!"

Hector is enraged with the actions of his younger brother Paris. Hector is very involved with the idea of keeping and preserving ones' honor; Paris has completely destroyed his own by backing down from Menelaos. Hector makes this clear by calling him a "public pest". Hector is a warrior much greater than Paris, and is ashamed that Paris couldn't bring himself the courage to fight Menelaos for his own wrong doing. Hector reminds him of how lucky he is that the Trojans didn't stone him to death for his "evil". This criticism comes across harsh and offensive, but only happens because Hector cares about his brother and with his experience needs to teach Paris so that he will not make the same mistakes in the future.

This relationship in the Iliad is important for the Greeks because it keeps a certain balance. Without Hector watching, Paris can easily walk directly into traps and holes just waiting for his own destruction. Hector is the assurance that Paris will recognize and learn from his mistakes, seek advice before acting, and show the needed respect for others in battle. The lack of respect in this action directly affected Menelaos and causes him more troubles of his own.

Menelaos and Paris agree to a battle over Helen; Menelaos is much more prepared than Paris. Menelaos wins and it is

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