Essay on Ignorance is not Bliss

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The United States was built on the foundation of freedom. This freedom included the right to express one’s views without prosecution or limitation. This paved the way for the freedom to learn and pursue educational achievements. However, there are times when learning becomes halted in the interest of “appropriateness.” This is in reference to censorship. Censorship, by definition, is “the forbidding, blocking, limiting, or obstructing access to information for whatever reason.”(p248)1 This form of interference can prevent awareness and stint intellectual growth. Therefore, censorship should be used sparingly in education without political or religious motivation because the abuse of censorship negatively affects our education as a whole. …show more content…
This has occurred with the topic of Evolution. Evolution has been a very controversial subject since its inception. Evolution is the change in any living being over a long period of time. The reason for its controversy is its contradiction of Creationism. Creationism is a belief that many Christians hold which states that “life on this planet was created by a special, unique act of God.”3 Creationism does not acknowledge that life has developed over time, but rather designed exactly as God intended. Despite Evolution’s official classification as a scientific theory, which would thus require schools to teach this theory to students, there have been states that were hesitant to incorporate the subject into their educational system.4 One state in particular was Arkansas. During the 1960s, Arkansas censored Evolution from the lectures and textbooks due to the contradiction of Creationism. This act was later overthrown in the case of Epperson v. Arkansas.5 This abuse of censorship, in this case, prevented them from understanding an important aspect of science. Education is not an opportunity for schools to impose their religious beliefs, but to allow students to learn how the world works. Regardless of what one’s personal beliefs may be this does not give reason to prevent students from learning certain scientific theories.
Beyond just beliefs, censorship also belittles the maturity of the students and their

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