Human Nature Essay

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Each person is different from the other. I think that the idea that man is both hypocritical and contradictory is a true concept. In general, all people no matter what their make up is have contrasting characteristics. These adverse attributes exist in everybody. No person is immune to the positive and negative traits that life presents, whether those traits are physical or psychological. With that said, I believe that no one person is immune from the either trait especially when it involves behavior. In my view, the fight between nature and nurture plays a major in an individual’s life and can alter a person’s life direction depending on the influence of outside sources such as family and society. I truly believe that my view, …show more content…
Therefore basis for my personal theory is that it is not something that develops following an exact recipe of circumstances. Conforming and out of the ordinary behavior is learned by in the process of development. My theory similarly to other behavioral theories suggests that differential reinforcement (learning through rewards and punishment) and imitation (learning through observation) produce both overt behavior and cognitive definitions that function as stimuli for behavior. The main theme of the theory can be stated as; the instigation and strengthening of non-conforming over conforming acts defines how the individual’s behaviors are developed.
Describe the nature of the therapist-client relationship and its relative importance.
Corey (2009) states that individual therapists such as Carl Rogers believes that the nature of the therapist-client relationship is based on the having the client’s become conscious to precisely what they are expressing, as well as how they conduct themselves with their behaviors in order for them to develop a relationship between the client and therapist based on just the clients sense of self-awareness. It is therefore important that the therapist needs to have a relationship between him or herself and the client while forming a connection in which the client and therapist has a full perception of the other with respect and empathy.
Although the therapist’s role is to be there with the

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