Human Division Essay

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Though the ability to interact with a diverse community is becoming more and more seamless on a daily basis, our contact with other cultures does not come without barriers. We are able to have contact with people from all aspects of life and also with people from all over the world, however the ability to have contact does not automatically afford us the ability to understand or relate with one another. While we do have curiosity about people outside of our spectrum our curiosity is also tempered with a certain level of fear. The idea of the citizens of earth coming together in any sort of united front is one that is very daunting to many people for reasons so numerous it would be difficult to attempt to list them all. Human beings seem to …show more content…
These two groups according to Foer have many opposing views which set them apart from each-other and despite that fact alone they actively seek to set themselves further apart. In an excerpt from his book Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers Kwame Anthony Appiah saw humans as dividing themselves into groups according to cultural ethnicity, country of origin and along religious lines (2006). Appiah recognizes that human beings are culturally divided he states “The most fundamental level of disagreement occurs when one party to a discussion invokes a concept that the other simply doesn’t have (658).” His statement shows that we are divided, however his conclusion is that humans are divided because they have a lack of cultural understanding.
From the beginning of time human beings have divided themselves into many groups. As the world becomes a much more mobile place we humans come into contact with each other on a much more frequent basis. In addition to experiencing another culture through personal contact we also learn and absorb information about other cultures through various forms of media. In his

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