How Technology Leads to Obesity Essay

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With the inventions of technology, humans are becoming more and more dependent on them for everyday life. Things like the iPhone and BlackBerry cell phones make it possible to do activities that previously could only be done on a computer. Things like accessing e-mail and surfing the internet has become the norm, and texting has replaced the conversation of everyday live. Although the technology of recent is used and thought of as a convenience and a luxury, sometimes technology can be a hindrance as well. The increased technology has given the human race the ability and excuse to be lazy. Things like going outside to converse with people has become a thing of the past. Playing games that aren’t on the television is obsolete. As …show more content…
Entertainment is a must for most people. Life would be unlivable without it. With the exception of the small amount of people who do exercise, technology can be really devastating to one’s health. Simple activities such as walking to the television to change a channel has been replaced by a remote control. Inventions such as the remote encourage laziness and in turn, obesity.
A man that I once knew was a victim of technology. His name was Robert Adams Sr., my grandfather. He died a while back from heart trouble. When I often visited him at his house, he almost always was in the same position. Day in and day out he sat on his couch; his remote balanced on his stomach. In front of him, there was a tray containing honey buns and fruit punch. His shirt was always littered with holes and crumbs; his breath smelled of fruit. At 5 feet 8 inches, the man weighed a solid 250 pounds.
Ever since his retirement in 1999 his life had become all about television. Jerry Springer played on the television everyday without fail. His only two consistent activities were watching Jerry Springer and preaching about it at the church every Sunday. He got all of his excitement from watching the people on television who were bigger than him or that had problems that he felt he could relate to. With his lifestyle being so centered around television and food, his heart progressively got worse with each pound gained. It took 6 years

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