Horrific Experience in A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer Essay

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A Child Called It is a book written by Dave Pelzer. Dave writes this book as an abused child who went through horrific experience. In the first part, he writes how he was horribly beaten, and even forced to swallow his own vomit, ammonia, and even soap. Dave writes about the horrors children go through when abused. A Child Called It is an unforgettable account of an abused child who was brutally beaten, burned, starved, and tortured with an unstable alcoholic mother. A child Called It is an incredible emotional story where the author describes how he endured unthinkable suffering and abuse from his own mother who hated him for no reason. Dave provides a detailed account of the neglect and abuse as well as the emotions, struggles, and the …show more content…
Life changed so much for Dave’s family as their mother became so mean to them. His anger was diverted on Dave as he made him do many house chores and she even pits his brothers against him. Dave’s life became so miserable, because he was no longer the happy boy he was. Dave had a hard time in his life due to his parents’ alcoholism and her mother’s hatred towards him.
His mother’s hatred towards him grew as days went by and she even wished him dead. She treated Dave as a slave and not as a son that she gave birth to and once loved and took good care of him before she turned into an alcoholic. At times, his father tried to defend him from his mother. At a young age Dave, had to go through many hardships with her mother telling him on the face that she hates him. In addition to wishing him dead, Dave’s mother put him through physical abuse and pain day by day. She even forced him to sleep in the basement in a small army cot away from the family. Dave’s life shows how their own parents abuse young children. Among other things, his own mother, forced to drink bleach, dishwashing detergent, and even ammonia, stabbed Dave (Dave 98). Moreover, her mother made him sit in a bathroom full of chemicals, put him in freezing cold water for several hours and burnt on an open fire from a stove. The trauma Dave faced could have led to

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