Analysis Of Live And Become

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Every Genesis begins with a seed for the people of Israel this seed was Abraham and from this seed grows roots and fruit the descendants of their patriarch Abraham. The film Live and Become centers on an Ethiopian boy who is the son of a Christian woman living with her son in a Jewish camp. Because of the violence in Ethiopia, the people there have to flee and because only Jews were allowed in the program the young boy had to pose as a Jewish boy so survive. His mother told him to "live and become and don't come back until you do" The crux of the film is How will Solomon "live and become" and will he find his way back to his mother?
When the Ethiopian Jews first arrive in Israel they go through a strenuous process to ensure that they are clean,
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He becomes close to his mother. Solomon goes to school, he enjoys school his sister tells her friends " he is handsome like a prince" and his brother tells his friends " he is big and muscly. When he goes into the classroom he goes to the back and a girl touches his skin rubbing her hand as if he is dirty because she touched him. This may or may not be a mean-spirited gesture it could have more to do with her own curiosity. But what was not curiosity was when the parents tell the school that they are scared for their children and they wish to remove their own children because he goes to school there. A teacher tells Solomon's adopted mother this with the recommendation that he moves schools. Regardless of this, his adopted mother displays a brilliant display of unconditional love. She yells at the parents and demonstrates her love for her son by kissing his face and licking his pimples. Shortly after this incident, Solomon has to report to have a "medical exam" he becomes extremely nervous, does not sleep or eat. He believes he has been discovered and he is scared for his life. When he gets to the place where the exam will take place and they question him and then they take him to a room where his adoptive father is not allowed. The doctor is holding a scalpel and Solomon's pants are below his knees when his father comes in to prevent the Doctor from violating …show more content…
He asks him to write his mother. Because Solomon cannot write in Hebrew he dictates for the man. The man always starts the letters "Mommy sunshine of my life" He visits the man frequently and this helps him cope with being separated from his mother. He grows up and learns to adapt and live within his "lie". He meets a girl and even gets invited to her birthday party. He shows up dressed up and with a large present but he is turned away at the door several times. He returns home and is upset but then the girl comes to his house and he goes down to meet her. Sarah tells him her father did not want him at her party because " he thinks Solomon is a Christian and came to Israel to eat". While only part of this is true as safety was his mother's main concern was his

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