Joshua Hankerson

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Joshua Hankerson was the son of the late Janice and Jonathan Hankerson. Joshua was born on October 31, 1966 in Dallas, Texas. Jonathan was a preacher and went by very strict religious beliefs. Jonathan met Janice in 1960 and a year later they married. Janice was a small school house teacher. After 6 years of being married Janice finally got pregnant with their very first child whom they named Joshua. All together they had a total of 3 children in which Joshua being the oldest of the 3. They had 2 daughters named Elaine and Joanne.
While growing up Joshua was a very adventurous child. He loved being outdoors since he could crawl, but when he started walking he was unstoppable. At the age of 6 he was playing by the big oak tree in the
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That following Wednesday he had to bury his father next to his mother. So at the age of 10 Joshua was left with no parents and 2 small siblings to take care of on his own. Elaine was 2 and Joanna was 3 years old so he was very busy. By being so young and having a really big responsibility Joshua set out to look for work. He quit school and looked everywhere for work and all he could find was working in a corn field. It didn’t pay much but he had no choice at this point. One day after Joshua decided to clean out his parent’s room. Only to discover a box in his mother’s drawer that had a note and two thousand dollars. The note read “I haven’t been feeling well for almost two months now and I’m not sure if it’s a serious problem so I don’t know if I’ll be here for the children like I want to.” “But I want them to have something from me as their mother and I love the 4 of you.” “Please forgive me for not telling you sooner.” All Joshua could do was cry because when he finished his mother’s items he found the same thing in his father’s drawer. It just read something different, “Joshua I know you lost your mother early on and I want you to have some help with your sisters.” “Here is 8 thousand dollars and the deed to the house and my request for you to follow in my footsteps and raise the girls by the Bible.” I would also like for you to become a preacher also, I love you all and please find your Aunt Annie Mae Hankerson.” The last place she was in Jackson,

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