Hopes in the Red, White, and Blue: The American Dream Essay examples

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A group of people riding a ship are being tossed by high waves and scorched by the hot sun. They feel tired, hungry, cold, and yet a fierce light burns within them. As they look across the ocean, they see something that will change their lives forever. Green grass and tall trees that seem to touch the sky stretch across the horizon as they look towards it with hope. All they want is a fresh start and all they dream about is a safe life, one they can call their own. This land and source of hope is America. Throughout the years people have come to America to start a new life. Some wished for a big house, while others wanted an education that could get them a job. Others yet wanted a family and to make a difference in their lives and others. …show more content…
I have always wanted a husband and a family ever since I was in high school. Now that I have both, I realize how blessed I am because they have always understood that what I did was necessary for the family to grow. They made my life complete.” Many people need a family to give them support and strength to survive in this world. A family means wanting the best for each other and not putting each other down. Most of the time family members want each other to get good jobs so they can make money and live happily but to get a good job education is needed.
Education is the foundation of human success. It allows people to use what they know to invent machines and make ideas come to life so we can fulfill the American Dream. In some countries education is limited, so kids might not be able to go to school and learn. The American Dream for kids who want an education but cannot get it is going somewhere where they can obtain education they want. Being able to live in a place with many schools that offer great learning experiences is a blessing, even if some people do not think so. Without schools, people would not be intelligent because they would lack education. Schools help people learn and grow in life (Alyssa Stachler). To get a good paying job it is necessary to go to college. America is lucky to have so many of the world’s top colleges that provide great educations and help people get the jobs they want. Julie

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