Essay about Hollywood: What is the Role of Women in Films

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American film has always had female role models present within them. They have not had the title of “hero”, but they have always been role models. Women have been depicted as strong willed and minded characters since the early 1970s. The women that will spoke about in this argument will prove that women have been “heroes” all along they have just never had that title till now. Women have been saving lives, men, and worlds for decades. Women of film have never been considered heroes due to the meaning of a hero. The definition of a hero is: a person who is admired for great courage, special achievements or noble qualities. (Houghton, Mifflin. American Heritage Children’s Dictionary (2007,2003,1998).Due to the idea of a hero being a man …show more content…
“Hollywood missing out on female heroes-‘Hunger Games’ Haul sets Hollywood searching for female action heroes- ‘Hunger Games’ success may pave the way for more action-oriented female lead roles.” Kalamazoo Gazette (MI) - Thursday, March 29, 2012. The women have needed to have recognition for a long time but instead they just get an award for “Leading Lady”. The movie Erin Brockovich is a true story about a woman that is a true hero for many families who lived in Hinckley, California when it was discovered that a company Pacific Gas and Electric was allowing a leakage of a contaminant called Chromium 6 into the cities well water for over thirty years. The residents were suffering from chronic nosebleeds to even some of the residents being diagnosed with cancer. The case went for four years in the courts till they finally settled behind closed doors for $333 million dollars. Julie Roberts portrayed Erin Brockovich in the movie of her life and received her first Academy Award for her role in the movie.
Women are finally getting recognition for the hero roles that they play in film; but they are still portrayed as more masculine woman instead of the strong females that they are. For example all of the women that have been recognized as heroes in film today are from the movies: Hunger Games, Breaking Dawn, and Brave. They are women who are all portrayed as warrior type women and are more

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