Hollywood Stereotypes To Latinos: Film Analysis

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Having an underrepresented director may have facilitated more underrepresented characters being cast on screen in film, television, or digital series.

Additionally, communities are aware of Hollywood views but are inactive in fighting the stereotypes. A study, “The Multicultural Economy by the University of Georgia”, notes that Latinos make up 25% of movie ticket sales and “command roughly $1 trillion in spending power.” This illustrates how Latinos are able to use their power and boycott the films that have negative stereotypes towards Latinos. The communities can look back at the 1922 Mexico boycott against Hollywood films. In 1922, Protests and boycotts in several major cities greeted the premiere of Daniel Petrie 's Fort Apache,
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As mentioned above, communities should take note of the boycott in 1922. They should follow that generation and get respect from Hollywood. Thanks to the boycott of 1922, Hollywood became somewhat better at portraying Latinos a little more positive. This boycott can become an influence to Latinos and show them that yes they can make a difference and gain respect from the media. Also, by having Latino/a celebrities speak out on the injustices and influence Hollywood has on society. Gina Rodriguez, from Jane the Virgin, applauds Latina celebrities that have been chosen to do roles that bring a positive light to Latinos. Gina is not afraid to come out and talk about Hollywood 's influences on her social media accounts or interviews. She has become a big advocate on how Latinos are portrayed negatively. She knows that by coming out and speaking about these problems, she will have a big impact in her followers’ lives. Gina tries to get her followers to promote new change and change negative influences that impact the community. She is also a huge supporter of actresses who break stereotypes and take on roles that bring a positive interpretation to being Latino. Gina writes, “Karla Souza, is a Mexican Actress...playing a young law student, Karla is not only breaking down stereotypes but exposes this country to the many facets of what …show more content…
Hollywood over uses the negative stereotypes that Latinos can 't shake off. Latinos are always being labeled badly in films. They also cannot seem to advance in their careers and continue getting only supporting roles. To change these circumstances both communities and celebrities need to fight for a better change. If we do not expand roles beyond the misconceptions, create Latino based film companies, and have communities’ fight back Latinos will always be viewed awfully. Latino/a actors will never be able to get a breakthrough role that will shoot them to stardom. Hollywood needs to give everyone a chance and become more equally

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