History of Schizophenia and its treatment Essay

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     This paper provides an overview of the history of schizophrenia and its treatment. The paper begins by first providing some basic facts about the condition such as its nature, its probable causes, and its symptoms. This brief description is followed by a historical overview which discusses how schizophrenia came to be identified as a unique illness. The views of psychiatrists pivotal to making this identification are described. The paper then goes on to discuss how these views affected what was considered to be effective treatment for schizophrenia (e.g., sedation) and delineates how the notion of what should constitute effective treatment changed
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Delusions of oneself and/or one’s surroundings (e.g., one believes that he has special powers that nobody else has).
     2. Hallucinations. Typically (but not always) the schizophrenic will suffer from audio hallucinations in which he or she hears voices that talk negatively about self or give dangerous commands.
     3. Disrupted thoughts and behavior making for concentration difficulties.
     4. Negative symptoms such as an absence of normal characteristics. There can be lack of interest in previously enjoyable activities, not taking care of oneself, social withdrawal, and blunted affect (restricted facial expressions and emotions).
     While today much is known about schizophrenia and its treatment, this has not always been the case, despite the fact that behavior and symptoms of schizophrenia have been reported in physician records since ancient times (Cormer, 2000). To provide a historic foundation to what is currently known about schizophrenia, this paper presents an overview of the history of schizophrenia and its treatment.
History and Treatment
     Andreasen (1997) states that schizophrenic behavior has been noted in almost all cultures in history and that

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