History and Overview of Foster Care in America Essay examples

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Foster Care
There is nearly 400,000 children in out-of-home care in the United States right now (Children’s Right). Just about every day children are being shipped in and out of foster homes and group homes. Most people want the best for children in foster care and decide to take care of them until their parents can possibly recover. The foster care system can have both a negative or positive effect on children, foster parents, and biological parents because of the gaps in the system. Foster cannot not be avoided but the some aspects of the foster care system can be avoided if the missing gaps were filled.
Foster care has been around for many years and has evolved greatly throughout the years. America’s first foster child
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In the 1990s the number of children in foster care increased tremendously. The probable cause of this spike was due to economic slowdown and the crack cocaine epidemic (FKSD 2007). Foster care is its own issue itself due to children being taken out of their homes because of irresponsible parents/guardians. The issues in foster care continue even in this age of time. Political Climate
Laws are very essential when it comes to foster parenting and foster care in general. There are laws in place to protect the children going in and out of foster homes. Over the course of years there were many laws put in place involving care for children. One of the first mentioned earlier was the Social Security Act to provide funds to child welfare services. Without these particular laws there wouldn’t be any stability within the foster care system in America. The political climate involving foster care is improving substantially state by state. If all the states were onboard with particular laws it would improve the system even better. One gap within that is that not all laws are placed in different states. For example the Foster Parent Bill of Rights, which is only established in 16 of our 50 states here in the U.S. (NFPA). The Foster Parent Bill of Rights in the state of Tennessee exhibits certain criteria that the foster parents have to meet and different disciplinary actions that will happen if abuse or neglect has happened in a foster home (Tennessee Gov.). I feel that is

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