History: A Dying Field Essay

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History: Rejuvenating a Dying Field History is dedicated to those who went before us, so that, upon reflection, we can learn from them, without repeating their mistakes, experiencing or inflicting their pain. This quote, attributed to an anonymous source, showcases the deep understanding that all people should have. Without this direct insight, a generation will be ignorant to the hardships of their past, and will end up in a cycle of failure. This is why history is so vitally important to our society; because we must look back in order to keep moving forward. History should be studied because it is essential to individuals and to society, and because it harbors beauty (Stearns). It is not some meager thing to sit on a shelf and ignore, …show more content…
History teachers, in this respect, are forced to listen to students who hate the class, the teacher, the material, or all of the above. They don’t teach because it’s well paying, but because it allows them to express their passion, a love of the past (Zolnak). The job isn’t glamorous, but the material that comes with it is the key to unlocking a person’s ‘roots’, so to speak. Teachers in the field enable this by teaching their knowledge, which enables students to make connections to their own life. A pupil could look back through a family history and see little sparks that make them say “Oh, that’s so cool!” Because of this, the student would be more drawn into the appeal of history. They would start to look for the specific connections outside of their own life, such as those within their communities and cultures. Although many students prefer more traditional approaches and topics, many who thought that history was boring take new interest once they realize how much historical study has to offer (Poska). A cycle is created in this way that allows history to create an allure, keeping the students interested and intrigued. “I want students to see the past as populated by ordinary people like themselves. Some of those people faced problems and had exciting moments similar to their own; others had experiences with which they can only try to empathize (Poska). Society today is dominated by a worrisome sense of distrust,

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