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Did you know that there are roughly 550,000 male high school basketball players, 15,000 are good enough to make it to play college basketball, one third of that or 5,000 play well enough to make it to division I which is the highest in the NCAA basketball league, and only around 348 go on to play one game in the NBA. On the other hand there are rare cases of players having extraordinary talents and making the jump from high school basketball straight to NBA without any college experience. The debate on this topic is two sided, the first being that the jump from high school to the NBA should not be allowed and the second being that they should be able to do what they want.

The ones who believe that the jump from high school to the
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This of course is if they want to go into the NBA or even if they are good enough to be drafted. The degree earned in college will give them the opportunity to find a good job in the case they don’t get drafted into the NBA. The second side to this argument argues that they should do whatever they like its there life let them choose do as they please. Second is what if they don’t do well in school but have the extraordinary talent to make into the NBA why let grades hold them from that why not let them enter the NBA young and carry on a lustrous career, it would give them more time in the NBA rather than lose time in college that could be spent in the NBA.

The best way to settle the debate is with hard evidence more commonly know as basketball stats. I picked four players from both sides; the first four were drafted out of college the second four were drafted out of high school. The first four are Derrick Rose, Ray Allen, Kevin Durrant, and last but most certainly not the least he has won countless awards and is one of the NBA’s greatest fifty players he is Michael Jordan. The second four I chose were big names or are big names in the NBA today and they consist of Moses Malone, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garrnett, and LeBron James. I gathered the stats of their rookie years I figured this would end the debate because the rookie year is the first year you enter into a specific sport. Derrick Rose was drafted out of Memphis by the Chicago Bulls in the 08-09

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