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High level management
Management is the most important basic knowledge that leaders in an organization should possess to improve their activities and build a good name among others. Management Leadership Training Program assists in training managers on how to effectively organize their activities through gaining of skills needed to cater for the needs of the organization and other leaders in the mid-level management. In most companies, performance is rewarded by promotion to high managerial seats but this does not guarantee that the individual possess the necessary skills on how to effectively manage people. This calls for a need for the companies to train their managers on the better skills of handling leadership chores in order to
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Avoiding conflicts requires a lot of input in an organization and therefore the good option is to strategize on the ways to manage them. Early recognition of conflicts allows the leader to effectively react towards them since delaying the action results into the conflicts managing the organization themselves. The conflicts within an organization affect the most important determinants of the organization’s growth which include: the level of production; how efficient the workers and the processes are within the organization; the performance of the organization; and the efficiency of the employees (Zeljko et al, 2008). To avoid creating conflicts in the organization, the managers should avoid hiring someone with egoism. According to ethics, egoism suggests that desires and interests motivate people and thus the emphasis on the person’s ego in choosing the members to work within an organization. To expound on egoism in management, the presence of others determines the behavior of an individual and that the person’s ego shows the course of action to take. According to Joseph Earl, egoism brings about conflicts because the individual looks at others in the organization and assumes that they are supposed to work on a given task together. This brings about conflicts as the employee tries to force others to work in the field not allocated. Conflicts also result when wrong judgments are made concerning a certain

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