Hemp Legalization Essay

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Hemp Legalization


The purpose of this report is to show the need to reform the present marijuana/hemp law in the United States in order to make hemp available for industrial purposes. The first thing that I will do is define marijuana and hemp in order to avoid confusion. An explanation of how the present marijuana/hemp law originated will be given after that. Then I will define and describe the present law concerning marijuana and hemp. I will then define the specific aspect of the marijuana/hemp law that I feel needs to be changed. Some industrial and environmental needs will then be listed. I will then demonstrate how the industrial and environmental needs of the United States can be fulfilled.

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Those two communities were commonly associated with evil and crime. The drug was also given a bad name because exaggerated accounts of violent crimes committed by immigrants reportedly intoxicated from marijuana became popularized. Once under the influence of the drug, criminals knew no fear and lost all common sense. Marijuana was even referred to by some as "The Devil?s Weed" (www.norml.com 1).

As "The Devil?s Weed" image was sweeping across the United States, hemp was starting to be used more and more as an industrial product. The use of hemp as an industrial product was a big threat to the forestry industry because products made from hemp were so much better than products made from trees. Because the forestry industry was threatened, the railroad industry was also threatened. The forestry industry was the main customer of the railroad industry, which was the most powerful industry in the 1930?s. The railroad tycoons (Collis Huntington, Thomas Durant, Theodore Judah, Greenville Dodge, ect.) had an enormous amount of political power, and were able to lobby politicians for their best interests. Hemp was not in the best interests of the railroad industry because it hurt their business with the forestry industry. The railroad industry began to lobby politicians to make the hemp plant illegal entirely (www.sandi.net 2).

The politicians were eager to make the marijuana plant illegal, but they couldn?t

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