Grace O’Malley Essay

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She could sail a ship from the time she could walk. When she was barely a teen, she took the wheel as captain of her first vessel. She spent her young life learning the ways of the sea. Who was this brave and courageous leader? Grace O’Malley. Ambitious and successful, Grace O’Malley accomplished many daring things throughout her life and changed the course of others. At the O’Malley castle on Clare Island in 1530, Grace O’Malley, also known as Gráinne Ní Maille or Granuaile, was born. As the only daughter of Eoghan O Maille, chieftain of the Mayo Clan, Grace often sailed with her father’s fleet on trading voyages (Murray par 1-2, León 60). Grace always knew that she wanted to be a sailor but was discouraged repeatedly for she’s a …show more content…
Grace didn’t like it and left (Murray par 2, “Grace O’Malley” par 4-7). Grace rejoined her family in County Mayo, where she met Iron Richard Bourke in 1566 (León 64-65). Legend has it that Grace only married Richard because she needed to strengthen her hold on the west coast and needed the Rockfleet Castle to complete her empire, which consists of five castles and several island in Clew Bay. She and Richard had one child, named Tibbot or Theobald (“Grace O’ Malley par 4-7). Grace built her empire, consisting of five castles and several islands in Clew bay, after Dónal died. She still needed the Rockfleet Castle so she married Richard Bourke and got it (“Grace O’ Malley” par 5). Using her fleets to help Richard, she raided ships and attacked seaports. This success made Richard the MacWilliam-the leader of the Bourkes in County Mayo and also the most powerful lord in Western Connacht (Murray par 2). Richard died in 1583 of a natural cause (León 64-65). When Queen Elizabeth came to power in England, she sent troops to storm Grace’s castle and it was a failure. Over 20 years, lots of battles between England and Ireland were happening. Grace- the head-won some battles and lost some. Captured and imprisoned, she spent nearly two years in Limerick Prison (Gaol) (León 64-65). She was then transferred to Dublin Castle for 18 months (Vallar par 7). She endured many hardships stemming

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