Gap Analysis: Global Communications Essay

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications This paper will provide an in depth look at the issues facing Global Communications (GC) in a rapidly growing market. Attempting to resolve the problems inherited upon arrival, Katrina Heinz, Global Communications Chief Executive Officer, who(m) has experience with international labor devises a plan for the company to expand globally as a way to increase sales and generate more revenue. While this seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel, one major component was forgotten, to inform Maria Antez, Technologies Workers Union Vice President of the budding strategic plan in progress.
The ultimate goal for GC is to regain its competitive place in the industry of telecommunications while at the
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GC has begun to address the issue of a possible rebound from its current situation by, downsizing domestic call centers and combining them with consumer centers with a 10% pay cut to current employees, placing some new technical centers abroad and ultimately leaving most with out a job. This is a long-term strategy and will prove to be beneficial to the corporations’ vision, but disagreements have arisen in light of the company’s history of treating their loyal employees well. Sy Rodriguez, Executive Vice President of Consumer Marketing and Sales is most concerned that the image portrayed by the company “I’ve been quoted more than once saying that our competitive advantage comes from our loyal employees” is not being solidified with its current actions.
Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas
The investors of GC, as any other would expect a return on their investment in addition to a prideful disposition for the personal support of the products. The initiative that has been proposed is one that could perhaps turn the market rates completely around if marketed properly, but if the measures taken do not increase the profitability and maximize on the company’s plans to market itself more aggressively; just as quick as the market goes up, it can and will more quickly decline. Integrity and honesty are valued by this group.
The GC Board has approved a proactive approach to the expansion into the global

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