Essay on Furry Friends: Why Owning a Dog is a Positive Thing

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Title: Furry Friends
Writer’s Purpose: To inform people what they get from owning dogs
Audience: People who own dogs or wants to own dogs
Introductory Paragraph
Thesis Statement: While most owners are aware of the amount of joy and laughter dogs bring to them and their family, they are unaware that their dogs love them unconditionally and can help them have better lives
Body 1
Topic Sentence: Dog owners would be able to improve physically, mentally, and emotionally with the help of their dogs.
Supporting Details: -Lessen the risk of getting heart attack -Reduce stress -Cope with loneliness, depression and anxiety
Body 2
Topic Sentence: Dogs also help their owners make healthy lifestyle changes
Supporting Details: -Increase
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Maybe this is the reason why dog owners have decreased blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which can minimize human’s risk of getting heart attack. For dog owners who had already suffered from heart attack, research indicates that they tend to recover faster than people who don’t own dogs, due to the tendency that their dogs help control or reduce their owners’ stress levels (McCandless, 2014). People would never be alone if they had a dog with them; dogs are with their owners whether they’re glad or depressed. They will not leave their owners even when their owners are facing the hardest times of their lives. When the owners are down, their dogs feels their sorrow and tries their best to console them. That is why they’ve been human’s best friend for centuries.
When dog owners care for their dogs, it can help them make them have healthier lifestyle by increasing the amount of exercise. There is no need for buying an expensive gym membership, dog owners can take their dogs on a walk and studies show that dog owners are more likely to meet daily exercise requirements than those who don’t own dogs. Dogs provide a big help for antisocial owners, by having their dogs as a friend, dogs offer them comfort, which reduces anxiety and builds confidence for owners. They also help meet new people, when people take their dogs on a walk to the park; dog owners stop and talk to each other, which builds a new community

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