Essay about Funding on Public Education

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The United States has many conflicts, one of them is funding on Public Education. In fact Public schools are to make every effort to try and help the students with all they can. Some schools have better things to offer to their schools. It depends on the population where the school is located. Do you agree that the public schools should get the funding depending on the population of where they are located? So many things are unfair and we the people do not really have much we can say publicly or even speak up to this situation. Every student should have the same opportunities as someone that goes to a school where tons of money are invested into. Let us focus on tomorrow’s future instead because once we know it the time will come to see …show more content…
Students want to be able to attend schools and providing them with electronics to use makes school a lot easier for them. Do not get me wrong schools should not give up printed books so the children can just rely on technology to do all the work for them. The tradition of using books should still go on and be involved in a student’s education to help them read. There are students that read fast and some that seem to read slow, but now there have been programs to help these slow readers and will not have to feel slow. In public schools we have students that are involved in special education and need to get certain things to help them learn. It is proven that technology can help these children be as successful like the students that are perfectly fine in health. “Technology also engages students in learning; improves attendance, decreases dropout rates, increases graduation rates and facilitates parent involvement.” (Adams, 2013) Students will be able to be more active and intelligent. “Today’s students must learn more than the basics to be prepared for life. Using technology, students develop learning skills, such as thinking and problem-solving skills, information and communication skills, and interpersonal and self-directional skills.” (Adams, 2013) Students will get the experience to be able to understand technology and know how to use

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