Forts, Gold, and Plans Essay

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Since I've been here at Ft Knox several friends and family have asked me about the gold locked up in the famous reserve vault. No I have not seen it, no they do not give tours, and no mom I will not at least take a picture of the outside for you (those rooftop snipers have beady all seeing eyes). I do drive by the vault nearly everyday and for such an important task of protecting the nations wealth the building is frankly disappointing. It's roughly the size of a golf club house, with snipers on the roof of course. The majority of the building is below ground- seven floors- if the rumors are to be believed. When I first realized that the vault was underground, and not an above ground golden swimming pool like Scrooge McDuck's, it reminded …show more content…
My couch pillow, blanket and even plaster board walled fort was easily defeated. I've got it- Underground! We could dig a giant hole with one little door and steps leading down to it- where we could do all of our non-commie activities. When I first envisioned this fortress I thought it would be cool to take left over carpet scraps and lay them on the dirt for a nice place to sit. Now that I look back on it- my design has a lot of similarities to a cellar. I took this new found genius idea of protection and sold it too my neighborhood friends and we started digging. We had to find a good spot for our fort where no one could see our operations and tools would be readily accessible. Which made the garden bed behind my shed perfect. I felt like a regular Tom Sawyer- rallying up the local kids to do his chores. We were making great progress when my older brother Joseph and one of his friends poked in to see what we were doing. I thought we were done for. But after I told him about our ultimate underground hideaway he and his friend actually logged some man boy hours in helping us dig even deeper. This operation wasn't a one day affair mind you- for several days we would come home from school and go back to work making the fort bigger and bigger. Until finally we couldn't dig any longer. This hole was a monster- at least six feet in diameter and three feet deep. Which means once we put a roof on it my friends and I could all easily fit- as

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