Forgotten Planet Essay

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In “Forgotten Planet” the speaker is reminded that knowledge erodes wonder. Through a series of events, the speaker discovers new destiny for his daughter, while he discovers knowledge waiting to be understood.

The first stanza focuses on introducing the reason for the flashback to occur. For example, in lines 1 and 2, the poem takes the reader straight into a conversation between the speaker and his daughter, and when she says, “Venus...Mars...Plunis!”, it causes the speaker to go into a flashback, starting on line 3. The speaker takes us back to a time when he was six or seven, where his dad woke him in the middle of the night to go see the meteor shower mentioned on their television. He also describes his surrounds, on lines
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Then it also says on line 12, “the apartment buildings dark-windowed,” he describes the apartment in a dull way that doesnt allow you to stereotype the building, it leaves it in a way that allows the reader to imagine what it would look like. It also says on line 13, “the sky close enough to poke with my finger.” this line shows how his imagination was very free and able to run wild, creating a point of interest for the reader that causes the reader to want to read on.

The third stanza focuses on bring the story back into the current time, and has the speaker think about his life now and his daughters future. For example, he says on line 14, “Now, knowledge erodes wonder.” this quote shows that he has came back from his flashback and sees how his life experiences have destroyed his curiosity. Then on lines 15 and 16, he says, “The niggling voce reminds me that the sun does shine on the dark side of the moon.” I think that the “niggling voce”, is referring to his daughter, and that he feels her ignorance is her greatest power because she is not eroded with knowledge. On line 17, he says, “My daughter’s ignorance is my bliss.” though he does say that her ignorance is his happiness, I think he means it in a good way, like he saying he is happy that she still ignorant enough that enough knowledge won't erode her opportunity to become an astronaut, if that is what she would want

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