Forensic Case #356228 Essay

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In the Forensic Case #356228, skeletal remains of both human and animal were discovered in a hunting area. The skeletal remains were of potential victims named as either Robert Rutherford or Stephen Morton. Robert Rutherford, potential victim #1, was an African American, 65 years or age, had a pacemaker, carried a Gerber 650 knife, had unknown religious affiliations, and was 5’ft 6”inches tall. Potential victim #2, was Stephen Morton, a Caucasian 40 years of age, had a heart condition, was a hunter in the same area, also had unknown religious affiliations, carried a Gerber 650 knife, and was 5’ ft 7” inches tall. One anthropologist stated that the evidence supported the theory that the skeletal remains belonged to potential victim #1. …show more content…
The area was cleared of all vegetation and bones excavated carefully with special tools.
There seemed to be a mixture of both human remains and animal remains located at the crime scene. Due to the area that the remains were found there was a possibility that animal remains (deer) would be found within the bone scatter. Upon closer inspection of the skeletal remains (notes and photos), the upper half of the body revealed a bullet in what seemed to be the chest/middle-rib area. There was also an electrical device located in the upper right area of the skeletal remains. This electronic device could possibly be a pacemaker, GPS, or a pocket watch. The human skeletal remains were dressed in camouflage hunting attire.
The animal remains located at the crime scene also revealed a bullet near what would be the top right eye of the deer. A rosary was found on the direct opposite side of the deer skull some distance away. The deer remains were located more towards the lower half of the human skeletal remains.
Other evidence collected from the crime scene was a Remington 650 bullet, a Winchester 30-60sprg, and a supply bag including zip-lock bags, an empty pill bottle, Gerber 650 pocket knife, and a flask. Some coins were also discovered around the skeletal remains at the crime scene. The coins included two quarters, two nickels, two pennies, and one dime equaling a total of seventy-two cents.

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