Football: Why Is It So Popular Today? Essay

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Understanding football is the main course into knowing why it is so popular. Many other sports do not compare to the impact football has on players and on the fans of its kind. We live in a world that is so diverse and any entertainment comes to us natural. Gambling seems to be the most entertainment is our human society today. We long for Gladiator type sports and games for public entertainment.
To get a better understanding on why football is popular today, we must first look back on the history of the sport. The first vestiges of what would become American football are found in the 19th century in the games played by students at the elite schools and universities of the United States. A particularly violent running game was played at
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2). And of course I could not disagree on this, I started watching football when I was younger, but really had no understanding of it. As I grew older, I stopped watching it and stared on wrestling. Now I am back watching football and understand it better. It’s basically a Gladiator type sport. One play to another, you never know what will happen throughout the game, any team has a chance to win.
Tom Ayer from football nation website stated that “Football’s pace is just right. There is time between plays to show replays and offer analysis. Even when teams try to speed up the game with the hurry-up offense that pace is almost impossible to sustain and the pace is still great for TV viewers. (par. 3). It is very exciting when you see your home team run though other players, but who isn’t rooting for their home team anyways. Most people want their home team to win, and when they lose its heartbroken to many fans. Unlike any other sport the majority of fans make it their obligation to watch every game. This loyalty makes the popularity and success of football go way up. When the calendar finally hits Sunday there is an enormous amount of build up for the game. The invested interest in each and every game comes from the fact that football is unpredictable (K., Jack, par.5). There are two other reasons for NFL

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