Essay on Feeling Connected: The Library Science Support Network

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The field of librarianship can feel like a world apart- it certainly has its own language, theories and history. It also offers a wide array of resources that can help even the newest among the field to feel connected and engaged in the profession. The Southeastern Library Association is one of many that welcomes librarians into its fold. Listservs such as LM_NET serve to connect geographically distant librarians, allowing for resource sharing and professional support. Journals including School Library Journal, Library Journal and Teacher Librarian offer reviews and editorials as well as information on library innovations that keep librarians current in their field.
The Southeastern Library Association (SELA) was conceived by a group
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New members, those working with government documents or library instruction, online search librarians, paraprofessionals and preservationist are invited to join their designated round table. SELA offers many continuing education opportunities such as conferences, a quarterly journal, listserv and Web site. In an effort to reach its members and the library community at large, SELA participates in and hosts conferences. In 2010 SELA joined force with the Arkansas Library Association to hold a conference that spoke to the past and the future of southern libraries with topics like, “Connecting with the Past: The Civil War Sesquicentennial,” and “ Cloud Computing: Pie in the Sky.” (ArLA 2010) SELA publishes a quarterly journal. Two issues each year offer juried articles while the other two issues are of a more informative newsletter style. Board meetings take place at regular intervals. SELA has a Facebook page and a listserv in addition to its website The Southeastern Library Association | Home .
The Southeastern Library Association began as a way to address regional concerns of Southern librarians. Today SELA is still working to grow and promote librarianship in the South through leadership conferences, mentoring programs, scholarships and award programs. Regional library surveys have been conducted which highlight the need for SELA to self-promote in order to reach more people so they can carry out important services such as leadership

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