Essay on Farming Problems

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Well, I can’t dance and it’s too wet to plow. I’ve heard that said so many times over the years and never understood it until this April. I really can’t dance and it certainly is too wet to plow! So I sit here surrounded by 90 pounds of seed potatoes, wondering if they’ll rot, or if my tomato and pepper starts are going to be overly leggy before planting time. May approaches and June isn’t far behind with its usual lack of rain.
The pea season’s is gone, though I may take a shot at a fall planting, mostly to feed the deer and rabbits. I got a sorry feeling the wildlife around our acre is going to eat more of our efforts than we do. I’m feeling sorry because I will harvest something from that acre, be it tomatoes and beans or venison. I’m
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Stupid will try answer it.)
At what should be a comfortable age of 56 I find myself confused. Life has not been what I thought it would be, mostly because of my choices, though others have made the consequences of those choices dire. I’ve enough years behind me to see some things have gone seriously wrong.
My grandparents’ generation had members living into their 90s. Not a few such long-lived, but an average! In my parent’s generation, the aunts and uncles aren’t faring as well, their children even less so.
Air and water pollution come into play with the shortening of my family’s life spans. All my grandparents and most of their siblings grew up on, lived on and raised their children on farms, far from city pollution. My parents’ generation grew up with the automobile and travel by airplane. My generation couldn’t live without aerosol cans of spray everything and air cooling systems in houses, cars and work places. The pollutants of the last several generations will be with the human race as long as we last on this rock.
I also see a change in our food. The stock market can rise or fall with little impact on me, politics don’t require my input (politicians ignore me anyhow) but what I eat affects me as soon as I bite into it! The soils our foods are grown in, the chemicals we use on them, the genetic manipulations of them have all changed what we eat in comparison to what my grandparents grew and ate!
While some manipulation of vegetable genetics have produced

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