Factors Impacting the Career Choice of Women Construction Managers

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My thesis is titled Factors Impacting the Career Choice of Women Construction Managers. So, as one part of my study, I had to conduct focus group interviews with female construction managers. So I decided to conduct one focus group interview during the Spring 2014 Department of Construction Science Career Fair. So for this assignment, based on Lofland and Lofland, I will be evaluating the focus group interview I conducted.
I had set delimitations for the study and two of them were as follows:
1. The participants of the focus group should be currently employed as construction managers.
2. The participants of the focus group should at least have a bachelor’s degree in a Construction Management related degree
There were only four
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So throughout the focus group, I was nervous thinking I will not have enough time and this distracted me quite a lot. Only while I was transcribing the interview, I realized there were a lot of incidents during which I, as the moderator, should have controlled the situation better or made the participants more comfortable. For example, when one of the participants mentioned about the demise of her father, as a moderator I should have been more involved in the conversation and should have said something appropriate to the situation.
Also, since I was not fully paying attention to what they were saying at that point, I ended up jumping from one question to another without a good transition. My only aim was to ask them all questions in 30 minutes.
Preparation of interview guide:
The goal was to delve into their attitudes and feelings about the topic by facilitating open discussion. So first, I carried out a literature review on the topic and drafted an interview guide. I divided the questions into different parts namely, prior majors, family background variables, gender role socialization, parental support, education climate at school, presence of a role model and dimensions of personality. I had written down sub-questions under each question which could potentially help me probe further into the participants’ perceptions.

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