Essay on Tom's Escape in The Glass Menagerie

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Tom's Escape in The Glass Menagerie

In Tennessee Williams' play, The Glass Menagerie, each member of the Wingfield family has their own fantasy world in which they indulge themselves. Tom escaped temporarily from the fantasy world of Amanda and Laura by hanging out on the fire escape. Suffocating both emotionally and spiritually, Tom eventually sought a more permanent form of escape.

Tom supports his family despite his unhappiness of his world. He tries to please Amanda by being the sole supporter, but only gets rewarded by Amanda's constant nagging and suspicion. Eventually Tom finds himself more like his father as he seeks adventure in the movies and hangs out on the fire escape he avoids suffocation, and
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Although it is only referred to a couple of times, the portrait of Tom's father is one of the mose important symbols representing Tom. In the play, the portriat is a consant reminder to Amanda of the past she once knew and cherished. A long time ago, Amanda's husband abandoned her and her children becaouse of his unhappy home life. Tom, like his father, felt that his home life was suppressing his true desires for adventure. It became unseemingly impossible for Tom to enjoy himself with Amanda's nagging. At every possible moment Tom would speak of some adventure, something grander he could be experiencing. Eventually using the money for the electric bill Tom paid dues to the Union of Merchant Seamen. That organization was his savor from suffocation and a ticket to the life of adventure.

Malvoli the Magician was an act that Tom would often see when he went to the movies every night. His coffin trick is a symbol of Tom's suffocating life. Both Malvoli and Tom face life-threatening situations. In the trick, Malvoli faces death by suffocation if he does not successfully escape the coffin. Tom faces death by emotional and spiritual suffocation if he does not find away out of the house. Also, the coffin itself symbolizes the lifestlye Tom is trying to escape. Tom views his life as a very cramped, dark situation. He fears the most spending fifty- five year of his

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