Episode 42 of Doctor Who Analysis Essay

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In the episode titled “42” of Doctor Who, Martha and the Doctor find themselves responding to a distress call aboard a spaceship set on a crash course with a not so distant star. The TARDIS has materialized upon S.S. Pentallian, captained by Kath McDonnell. The Doctor immediately learns the engines have ceased to work and a monitor on the wall announces there are fourty-two minutes until impact with the star. After being introduced to the situation at hand the Doctor notes the star the ship is near is in the Torajii system and the ship is using energy scoops for fuel. The Doctor comments that using the scoops might have been outlawed, but Kath quickly retorts that the ship is due for an upgrade. He then instructs both Martha and Riley, a …show more content…
Continuing his war path Hal finds Ashton, and puts his and to Ashton’s head saying "They are getting too far" and "we must share the light". A now helmeted Ashton pursues Martha and Riley into and escape pod where they are trapped by the infected man.
After a struggle, Ashton launches the pod and goes to the room where Hal has been frozen by another crewmember. The Doctor throws on a space suit and attempts to magnetize the escape pod back to the ship thus saving Martha and Riley, after a brief trial he finds the button and the pod ascends to the ship. Climbing back into the ship, the Doctor looks at the sun and stares into it, realizing that "it's alive", before he contracts the same infection as Hal and Ashton. While attempting to combat the Doctor’s illness the Captain of the ship sacrifices herself killing her husband and Ashton. The Doctor instructs Martha to dump the fuel causing his illness to dissipate and the auxiliary engines to kick in.
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