Epic Hero Essays

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All civilizations have a specific set rules and customs in which they believe defines the perfect person. Often, their example of the perfect person is told in an epic, in which there is a hero. From devastating good looks to superhuman strength, there is always something that separates this character from other people. Often, it is their bloodline, where one of their parents is a god. Sometimes, however, it is what they do and how they present themselves is what defines them. Or, it is how they battle, whether it is physically, mentally, or linguistically. Every culture’s hero is different, but they will have a few similarities between their characters. Achilles, of the Iliad, is considered an epic hero, due to his goddess mother and …show more content…
“First by far to see her was Prince Telemachus, sitting among the suitors, heart obsessed with grief..” (Homer., Fagles, and Knox 81). Throughout the story, Odysseus encounters many situations. The last, and most famous, situation he was in was when he went in disguise into his own home, where his mother was going to marry whoever could shoot Odysseus’ old bow and arrow through 12 axes. Odysseus won the challenge, and then “ With the help of Telemachus and Laertes, he slaughtered the suitors and cleansed the palace” (Odysseus). Odysseus was one of the first heroes to be noticed not for his physical strength, but rather his intellectual strength. Also, he is the opposite of Achilles. Where Achilles is strength and might, like a bear, Odysseus is intellect and cunning, like a fox. The Romans’ great epic hero was Aeneas, who fought for the Trojans in the Trojan War. Like Odysseus, he was intelligent. Also, like Achilles, he was a great war hero. Aeneas did have god blood in him, as he was the son of Venus, who in the Greek culture is Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. During the fall of Troy, Aeneas was fleeing the city with his son, wife, and his father, who he carried on his back. He lost track of his wife, and later, her ghost appears to him, letting him know of her fate. “There before my eyes the unhappy phantom of my Creusa appeared but taller far than ever she was in life this image stood..”(Dickinson 58). “Aeneas

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