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Bill McKibben and Edward Abbey are both modern environmental writers who have had a noticeable impact on the environmental movement. One of Abbey’s novels, The Monkey Wrench Gang, was an inspirational piece for some of the founders of Earthfirst!, a far-left environmentalist group. McKibben’s most famous novel, The End of Nature (1989), is more widely read than any other nature book since Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring. Abbey, who is commonly associated with the Southwest,a has often been described as possessing a bitter but passionate attitude. A past including careers as a ranger and a firefighter indicate his attachment to the wilderness that he considers “our natural home'; is something very real to …show more content…
The rest of the essay focuses on applying the concept of home to the wilderness, and the concept of the invader to those who contribute to the eradication of the wilderness.
Abbey writes with little factual basis. It is possible he considers himself writing to an audience that already is knowledgeable about how the government, media, and “three-piece-suited gangsters'; of corporate America are essentially slashing and burning our natural home. Instead he uses his passion to appeal to those who may be in the mindset of an environmentalist but needing an activist shove. One could not read this essay and learn anything about the destruction of the American woodlands. However, if they were already involved in this topic they may be provoked by the example of self-defense, and by the words like, “invading, bashing, attacking, and assault'; to feel more strongly about the issue.
Abbey ends the essay with a specific request to spike trees with nails that is an example of the type of self-defense he is writing about. He glorifies this action in how he writes about it, “risky but sporting; unauthorized but fun; illegal but ethically imperative.'; “You won’t hurt them,'; he writes about the trees well being, never mentioning that the reason that “loggers hate nails'; is because it can kill them. He leaves the essay with a light-hearted image of his Aunt Emma doing it in a way that

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