Essay on Environmental Sustainability Issues in the Olympics

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The Centennial Olympic Congress of Paris recognized these problems and incorporated environment as a “third pillar” of the Olympic charter, along with sports and culture. The UN Environment Program (UNEP), now a veteran and influential player in this arena, was among the first to get involved with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to work towards environmental sustainability issues in the Olympics. UNEP has also worked with the IOC to develop an “Agenda 21” for the Olympic Movement based on environmental sustainability guidelines created by delegates at the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development. In the year 1994 the IOC committed itself to encourage sustainability among its member nations and sports governing bodies by …show more content…
Thereafter, each of the Olympic organizing authorities has launched, albeit at different levels, their own environmental sustainable development (ESD) guidelines. The main environmental requirements of recent Olympic venue development can be summarized as follows:
Establish an Environment Management System (EMS), including the creation of planning tools or environmental guidelines for large building projects.
Apply environmental protection and enhancement measures, including the creation of Olympic parkland by remediation of contaminated and degraded land; and carrying out of regular environmental impact assessments.
Establish a resource management system, including the promotion of energy efficient facilities and maximization of use of green power and renewable energy.
Instigate a waste management system, including promotion of reduction, reuse and recycling of waste, reuse of existing facilities and recycling of building materials.
Improve other features like promoting and developing sustainable public transit systems, use of materials with low embodied energy, promotion of public environmental education programs, encouraging the involvement of

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